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Von wegen Sommerloch! Mit den neuen englischen Hörbüchern im August wird es euch - ob im Urlaub oder zuhause - garantiert nicht langweilig.

Kill the Farm Boy: The Tales of Pell Series, Book 1

Kevin Hearne, Delilah S. Dawson
Luke Daniels
12:38 Std.

In an irreverent new series in the tradition of Monty Python, the best-selling authors of the Iron Druid Chronicles and Star Wars: Phasma reinvent fantasy, fairy tales, and floridly written feast scenes.

"Ranks among the best of Christopher Moore and Terry Pratchett." (Chuck Wendig)

"When you put two authors of this high caliber together, expect fireworks. Or at least laughs. What a hoot!" (Terry Brooks)

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, a hero, the Chosen One, was born...and so begins every fairy tale ever told. This is not that fairy tale. There is a Chosen One, but he is unlike any One who has ever been Chosened. And there is a faraway kingdom, but you have never been to a magical world quite like the land of Pell. There, a plucky farm boy will find more than he's bargained for on his quest to awaken the sleeping princess in her cursed tower. First there's the Dark Lord, who wishes for the boy's untimely death...and also very fine cheese. Then there's a bard without a song in her heart but with a very adorable and fuzzy tail, an assassin who fears not the night but is terrified of chickens, and a mighty fighter more frightened of her sword than of her chain-mail bikini. This journey will lead to sinister umlauts, a trash-talking goat, the Dread Necromancer Steve, and a strange and wondrous journey to the most peculiar "happily ever after" that ever once-upon-a-timed. 

Praise for Kill the Farm Boy:

"A rollicking fantasy adventure that upends numerous genre tropes in audacious style...a laugh-out-loud-funny fusion of Monty Python-esque humor and whimsy a la Terry Pratchett's Discworld." (Kirkus Reviews)

“Dawson and Hearne’s reimagining of a traditional fairy tale is reminiscent of William Goldman’s The Princess Bride and William Steig’s Shrek! Irreverent, funny, and full of entertaining wordplay, this will keep readers guessing until the end.” (Library Journal)

"Will have you laughing out loud until strangers begin to look at you oddly." (SyFy)

"A smart comedy...nuanced, complicated, and human." (Tordotcom)

"[Delilah Dawson and Kevin Hearne] make fun of the typical 'white male power fantasies,' and in that, they succeed, with their heroes all characters of color and/or falling somewhere under the LGBTQ umbrella." (Publishers Weekly)  

Amerikanisches Englisch

Man nehme jedes Fantasy-, Gamer- und Märchen-Klischee unter der Sonne, mische es mit Humor à la Monty Python oder Douglas Adams, setze das Witze-Niveau ein bisschen flacher an, und heraus kommt der Auftakt zu einer gewollt amüsanten neuen Fantasy-Reihe von Kevin Hearne (“Chronik der Eisernen Druiden”) und Delilah S. Dawnson (“Star Wars”). Dann setze man noch Luke Daniels vor Mikro, der sich mit geballter Fantasy-Erfahrung und hörbarer Lust ans Vorlesen macht. Das Ergebnis: Es war einmal… ganz anders.

Thrawn: Alliances (Star Wars)

Timothy Zahn
Marc Thompson
13:21 Std.

Grand Admiral Thrawn and Darth Vader team up against a threat to the Empire in this thrilling audiobook from best-selling author Timothy Zahn.

“I have sensed a disturbance in the Force.” Ominous words under any circumstances, but all the more so when uttered by Emperor Palpatine.

On Batuu, at the edges of the Unknown Regions, a threat to the Empire is taking root - its existence little more than a glimmer, its consequences as yet unknowable. But it is troubling enough to the Imperial leader to warrant investigation by his most powerful agents: ruthless enforcer Lord Darth Vader and brilliant strategist Grand Admiral Thrawn. Fierce rivals for the emperor’s favor, and outspoken adversaries on Imperial affairs - including the Death Star project - the formidable pair seem unlikely partners for such a crucial mission. But the Emperor knows it’s not the first time Vader and Thrawn have joined forces. And there’s more behind his royal command than either man suspects.

In what seems like a lifetime ago, General Anakin Skywalker of the Galactic Republic, and Commander Mitth’raw’nuruodo, officer of the Chiss Ascendancy, crossed paths for the first time. One on a desperate personal quest, the other with motives unknown...and undisclosed. But facing a gauntlet of dangers on a far-flung world, they forged an uneasy alliance - neither remotely aware of what their futures held in store.

Now, thrust together once more, they find themselves bound again for the planet where they once fought side by side. There they will be doubly challenged - by a test of their allegiance to the Empire...and an enemy that threatens even their combined might.

Amerikanisches Englisch

Unter Star Wars-Fans gilt Empire-Admiral Thrawn als einer der faszinierendsten Bösewichte. Der brillante Stratege mit der blauen Haut und den roten Augen kommt bisher nur in Timothy Zahn’s Star Wars-Büchern vor, und Fans warten sehnsüchtig auf sein Leinwand-Debüt. Dieser 2. Teil der “Thrawn”-Reihe zeigt uns den Admiral in Zweck-Allianzen erst mit Anakin Skywalker, dann mit Darth Vader. Marc Thompson erschafft mit tollen Stimmen und Vader’s Markenzeichen-Geröchel richtiges Kopfkino. Die Macht ist definitiv mit diesem Hörbuch!

The Incendiaries: A Novel

R. O. Kwon
Keong Sim
5:12 Std.

Now a National Best Seller

"Religion, politics, and love collide in this slim but powerful novel reminiscent of Donna Tartt's The Secret History, with menace and mystery lurking in every corner." (People Magazine)

"The most buzzed-about debut of the summer, as it should be...unusual and enticing... The Incendiaries arrives at precisely the right moment." (The Washington Post)

"Radiant... A dark, absorbing story of how first love can be as intoxicating and dangerous as religious fundamentalism." (New York Times Book Review)

A powerful, darkly glittering novel of violence, love, faith, and loss as a young woman at an elite American university is drawn into a cult's acts of terrorism.

Phoebe Lin and Will Kendall meet in their first month at prestigious Edwards University. Phoebe is a glamorous girl who doesn't tell anyone she blames herself for her mother's recent death. Will is a misfit scholarship boy who transfers to Edwards from Bible college, waiting tables to get by. What he knows for sure is that he loves Phoebe. 

Grieving and guilt-ridden, Phoebe is drawn into a secretive cult founded by a charismatic former student with an enigmatic past. When the group commits a violent act in the name of faith, Will finds himself struggling to confront a new version of the fanaticism he's worked so hard to escape. 

Haunting and intense, The Incendiaries is a fractured love story that explores what can befall those who lose what they love most.  

Amerikanisches Englisch

Eine amerikanisch-koreanische College-Anfängerin gerät in den Sog einer Gruppe religiöser Extremisten. Ihr gerade erst einem Bibel-College entflohener Kommilitone versucht, ihr Abgleiten in den Terrorismus zu verhindern. Von der Gefahr und Verlockung des Fundamentalismus, von instabilen, beeinflussbaren jungen Menschen und verzweifelter Liebe erzählt dieser hoch gelobte Roman. Gewalttätig, soghaft und eine sorgenvolle Darstellung des aktuellen religiösen Fanatismus auch im Christentum.

Fruit of the Drunken Tree: A Novel

Ingrid Rojas Contreras
Marisol Ramirez, Almarie Guerra, Ingrid Rojas Contreras
12:26 Std.

"When women of color write history, we see the world as we have never seen it before. In Fruit of the Drunken Tree, Ingrid Rojas Contreras honors the lives of girls who witness war. Brava! I was swept up by this story." (Sandra Cisneros, author of The House on Mango Street)

A mesmerizing debut set in Colombia at the height Pablo Escobar's violent reign about a sheltered young girl and a teenage maid who strike an unlikely friendship that threatens to undo them both 

Seven-year-old Chula and her older sister, Cassandra, enjoy carefree lives thanks to their gated community in Bogotá, but the threat of kidnappings, car bombs, and assassinations hover just outside the neighborhood walls, where the godlike drug lord Pablo Escobar continues to elude authorities and capture the attention of the nation.  

When their mother hires Petrona, a live-in-maid from the city's guerrilla-occupied slum, Chula makes it her mission to understand Petrona's mysterious ways. But Petrona's unusual behavior belies more than shyness. She is a young woman crumbling under the burden of providing for her family as the riptide of first love pulls her in the opposite direction. As both girls' families scramble to maintain stability amid the rapidly escalating conflict, Petrona and Chula find themselves entangled in a web of secrecy that will force them both to choose between sacrifice and betrayal.

Inspired by the author's own life, and told through the alternating perspectives of the willful Chula and the achingly hopeful Petrona, Fruit of the Drunken Tree contrasts two very different but inextricable coming-of-age stories. In lush prose, Rojas Contreras sheds light on the impossible choices women are often forced to make in the face of violence and the unexpected connections that can blossom out of desperation.

Amerikanisches Englisch

Im blutigen Kolumbien zu Zeiten von Drogenkönig Pablo Escobar und kommunistischer Guerilla spielt dieses hochgelobte Debüt von Ingrid Rojas Contreras, die im Nachwort selbst zu Wort kommt. In einem geschützten Stadtteil von Bogota treffen sich zwei Mädchen - die privilegierte, frühreife 7-jährige Chula und die 13-jährige, arme, als Hausmädchen angeheuerte Petrona aus den Slums. Contreras’ Debut tritt mit seiner Atmosphäre, seinen gegensätzlichen Welten und der Darstellung Kolumbiens in die Fußstapfen von Isabel Allende und Gabriel Garcia Marques.

The Call of the Wild

Jack London
Pablo Schreiber
3:22 Std.

Rediscover one of literature’s most beloved classics, richly reissued in a pivotal new audio recording. Emmy and Tony Award-nominated actor Pablo Schreiber (The Wire, Orange Is the New Black) delivers a stirring performance of Jack London’s fierce yet tender tale of loyalty between man and beast, told from the point of view of a dog.   

The Call of the Wild remains one of London’s best-loved novels, often regarded as the crowning masterpiece of a writer whose enduring popularity and prolific output hold a unique place in American literature.  

On its face, the novel is the story of Buck, a dog stolen from his comfortable home on a California ranch and shipped to the frozen Yukon to be a trained as a sled dog. But this exhilarating tale of a canine hero’s fight for survival is in fact a vivid depiction of the great gold rush to the Klondike in 1897. Brutal and fierce on one hand, this iconic adventure story is also a heart-warming tale of the tenderness and loyalty between humans and animals, brilliantly told from the latter’s perspective.   

Narrator Schreiber, whose previous performance of Brett Easton Ellis’ American Psycho has endeared him to listeners, brings a classic American tale to the ears - and hearts - of a new generation.    

Amerikanisches Englisch

Auf Deutsch heißt die beliebteste aller Jack London-Geschichten “Wolfsblut” und handelt von der Freundschaft zwischen einem Hund und einem jungen Mann während des Klondike-Goldrausches 1897. Den Staub von diesem Klassiker bläst Schauspieler Pablo Schreiber, der sich als “Pornstache” in “Orange Is The New Black” und als Leprechaun “Mad Sweeney” in “American Gods” eine große, junge Fangemeinde erobert hat und sie mit dieser Hörbuch-Performance vielleicht auch mal vom Bildschirm weg und zu einem Klassiker hin bewegen kann.

Everything Trump Touches Dies

Rick Wilson
Rick Wilson
10:03 Std.

Includes a brand-new afterword read by the author!  

A respected, longtime Republican strategist, ad maker, and contributor for The Daily Beast skewers the disease that is destroying the conservative movement and burning down the GOP: Trumpism.

In Everything Trump Touches Dies, political campaign strategist and commentator Rick Wilson brings his darkly funny humor and biting analysis to the absurdity of American politics in the age of Trump. Wilson mercilessly exposes the damage Trump has done to the country, to the Republican Party he served for decades, and to the conservative movement that has abandoned its principles for the worst president in American history.

No left-winger, Wilson is a lifelong conservative who delivers his withering critique of Trump from the right. A leader of the Never Trump movement, he warns his own party of the political catastrophe that leaves everyone involved with Trump with reputations destroyed and lives in tatters.

Wilson unblinkingly dismantles Trump’s deceptions and the illusions to which his supporters cling, shedding light on the guilty parties who empower and enable Trump in Washington and the news media. He calls out the race-war dead-enders who hitched a ride with Trump, the alt-right basement dwellers who worship him, and the social conservatives who looked the other way.

Everything Trump Touches Dies deftly chronicles the tragicomic Trump story from the early campaign days through the shock of election night to the inconceivable train wreck of Trump's first year. Rick Wilson provides not only an insightful analysis of the Trump administration but also an optimistic path forward for the GOP, the conservative movement, and the country.

Combining insider political analysis, blunt truths, and black humor, Everything Trump Touches Dies is perfect for those on either side of the aisle who need a dose of unvarnished reality, a good laugh, a strong cocktail, and a return to sanity in American politics.

Amerikanisches Englisch

Rick Wilson ist Republikaner, politischer Stratege und Medienberater, der schon manchem republikanischen Kandidaten in der Öffentlichkeitsarbeit aufs Pferd geholfen hat. In diesem, von ihm selbst vorgelesenen, Hörbuch prangert er Trump als Ruinator der republikanischen Partei an. Nicht aus liberaler, sondern aus überzeugt konservativer Sicht stampft er den Trumpismus mit scharfer Analyse und bissigem Humor in Grund und Boden. Bleibt die Frage: Ist Trump vielleicht nur ein Symptom der Partei, die ihn empor gebracht hat?

Bad Man: A Novel

Dathan Auerbach
Lincoln Hoppe
16:33 Std.

Reddit horror sensation Dathan Auerbach delivers a devilishly dark novel about a young boy who goes missing, and the brother who won't stop looking for him.

Eric disappeared when he was three years old. Ben looked away for only a second at the grocery store, but that was all it took. His brother was gone. Vanished right into the sticky air of the Florida Panhandle. They say you've got only a couple days to find a missing person. Forty-eight hours to conduct searches, knock on doors, and talk to witnesses. Two days to tear the world apart if there's any chance of putting yours back together. That's your window.

That window closed five years ago, leaving Ben's life in ruins. He still looks for his brother. Still searches while his stepmother sits and waits and whispers for Eric, refusing to leave the house that Ben's father can no longer afford. Now 20 and desperate for work, Ben takes a night stock job at the only place that will have him: the store that blinked Eric out of existence.

Ben can feel that there's something wrong there. With the people. With his boss. With the graffitied baler that shudders and moans and beckons. There's something wrong with the air itself. He knows he's in the right place now. That the store has much to tell him. So, he keeps searching. Keeps looking for his baby brother while missing the most important message of all. That he should have stopped looking.

Amerikanisches Englisch

Ein kleiner Junge verschwindet spurlos aus einem Supermarkt. Jahre später arbeitet sein großer Bruder dort als Aushilfe - und entdeckt, dass mit dem Laden irgendetwas ganz und gar nicht stimmt. Mit Stephen King’s “The Shining” wird dieser slow burn Gruselthriller von Dathan Auerbach verglichen, der seine Schreibkarriere auf Reddit startete. Zwischen dem düsteren Humor, der verstörenden Unheilsstimmung und dem unzuverlässig werdenden Erzähler ist das auch angebracht, auch wenn Auerbach dem “Meister” King noch lange keine Konkurrenz macht.

Just Before I Died

S. K. Tremayne
Kerry Wotton
11:22 Std.

A terrifying lie. A horrifying truth.

The chilling new psychological thriller by S. K. Tremayne, author of the Sunday Times number one best seller The Ice Twins.

Sometimes you can’t even trust yourself.... 

It was just a patch of ice. Just a bit of bad luck. But it was nearly enough to kill Kath Redway, spinning her car into Burrator Reservoir in the beautiful Dartmoor National Park.

Miraculously, Kath escapes her accident with a few bruises and amnesia. She is shocked but delighted to be back in her remote moorland farmhouse with her handsome husband, Adam, and her shy, gifted daughter, Lyla. She’s alive!

But her family is not so delighted. Her husband is cold, even angry. Her daydreaming daughter talks ever more strangely, about a 'man on the moor'. Then, as chilling fragments of memory return, Kath realises her 'accident' was nothing of the kind. And now her life collapses into a new world of darkness, menace and terror.

Britisches Englisch

Nach ihrem Bestseller “The Ice Twins” legt S.K. Tremayne nach mit einem bedrohlichen, unheimlichen psychologischen Thriller im gothic Stil. Nach einem Autounfall im Dartmoor überlebt Hauptfigur Kath knapp und mit Amnesie. Ihre Familie reagiert merkwürdig und abweisend, und langsam kehren Erinnerungen zurück, die Zweifel am Hergang verursachen. Stimmungsvoll düster, gekonnt paranoid, verursacht Tremayne zunehmendes Unbehagen. Als Sprecherin hätte man sich vielleicht eine dunklere Stimme gewünscht, aber Kerry Wotton gibt sich wirklich Mühe, unheilvoll zu klingen.

Sense and Sensibility

Jane Austen
Rosamund Pike
11:25 Std.

In this Audible Exclusive production, Academy Award® nominee Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl) narrates one of Jane Austen’s most beloved works, Sense and Sensibility. In this timeless tale of misguided romance and heartbreak, two teenage heroines must overcome the pitfalls of Georgian England’s high society in order to achieve the love and happiness they seek. The admiration that Pike has for Austen’s work is shown clearly through this passionate delivery of Austen’s first published novel.

“The more I know of the world, the more am I convinced that I shall never see a man whom I can really love.” 

Jane Austen’s first published novel, Sense and Sensibility, tells the classic tale of love and heartbreak in late 18th-century England. The story follows the romantic trials and tribulations of the daughters of the recently widowed Mrs. Dashwood as they encounter, and learn to handle, the emotionally reckless male characters of Georgian society. In order to find happiness, the two teenage heroines (Marianne and Elinor) must each learn to navigate through a life where status and money govern the rules of love.

A true classic of English literature, Sense and Sensibility is written with all the hallmarks of Austen’s style, providing strong female protagonists, great irony and wit, and showcasing her superb talent for character creation and dialogue.

About the Author

Jane Austen is one of the most influential and celebrated novelists in English literature. The daughter of a Hampshire clergyman, she was the seventh of eight children and was, from a young age, an avid reader and writer. After graduating from Oxford, Austen survived typhus and embarked on a literary career seeing her works published anonymously throughout her life.

Best known for Sense and Sensibility (1811), Pride and Prejudice (1813), Mansfield Park (1814), and Emma (1816), her six full-length novels have rarely been out of print and have spawned numerous film, television, and drama adaptations. Rich in satire, romance, and wit, Austen is renowned for her critiques of 18th-century British high society and the role of women within it.

About the Narrator

Rosamund Pike is an acclaimed English actress most recognized for her breakthrough role as a Bond girl in Die Another Day (2002), where she won the Empire Aware for Best Newcomer, and her towering lead performance in Gone Girl (2014), which won her an Empire Award for Best Actress. A graduate of English literature from Oxford University’s Wadham College, Pike began her career in stage productions and television appearances before later transitioning into film. Having often spoken of her admiration for the works of Jane Austen, Pike played Jane Bennett in a 2005 film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice as well as providing narration of this novel for Audible in 2015.

Britisches Englisch

Einer der beliebtesten Jane Austen Klassiker überhaupt, neu eingesprochen von der britischen Schauspielerin Rosamund Pike (“Gone Girl”). Zwei junge Damen müssen sich durch die Fallstricke der englischen High Society des 17. Jahrhunderts und durch Sehnsucht und Herzschmerz bis zum Glück und zum richtigen Mann durchringen. Und wer hätte gedacht, dass Rosamund Pike derart klassisch, elegant und mit der berühmten englischen “stiff upper lip” erzählen kann? Wer noch nie einen Jane Austen-Roman gehört hat - jetzt aber!

Ball Lightning

Cixin Liu
Bruno Roubicek
12:51 Std.

When Chen's parents are incinerated before his eyes by a blast of ball lightning, he devotes his life to cracking the secret of this mysterious natural phenomenon. The more he learns, the more he comes to realise that ball lightning is just the tip of an entirely new frontier in particle physics. Although Chen's quest provides a purpose for his lonely life, his reasons for chasing this elusive quarry come into conflict with soldiers and scientists who have motives of their own.

Britisches Englisch

Der chinesische Autor Liu Cixin ist ein heller Stern am Himmel der modernen Hard Scifi, bei der wissenschaftliche Genauigkeit im Fokus steht. In “Ball Lightning” befasst sich ein junger Mann, dessen Eltern durch einen Kugelblitz ums Leben kamen, intensivst mit diesem physikalischen Phänomen - und stößt auf die Spitze eines Eisbergs, in den Wissenschaft und Militär verwickelt sind. Cixin vereint harte Fakten aus der Teilchenphysik und Logik mit visionären Szenarien. Beim Hörbuch kann man zwischen einem pointierten britischen und einem lässigen amerikanischen Sprecher wählen. Beide Varianten sind online.

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