An intimate, powerful, and inspiring memoir by the former first lady of the United States.

Number one New York Times best seller 

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Oprah’s Book Club Pick

NAACP Image Award Winner

One of Essence’s 50 most impactful Black books of the past 50 years  

In a life filled with meaning and accomplishment, Michelle Obama has emerged as one of the most iconic and compelling women of our era. As first lady of the United States of America - the first African American to serve in that role - she helped create the most welcoming and inclusive White House in history while also establishing herself as a powerful advocate for women and girls in the US and around the world, dramatically changing the ways that families pursue healthier and more active lives, and standing with her husband as he led America through some of its most harrowing moments. Along the way, she showed us a few dance moves, crushed Carpool Karaoke, and raised two down-to-earth daughters under an unforgiving media glare.

In her memoir, a work of deep reflection and mesmerizing storytelling, Michelle Obama invites listeners into her world, chronicling the experiences that have shaped her - from her childhood on the South Side of Chicago to her years as an executive balancing the demands of motherhood and work to her time spent at the world's most famous address. With unerring honesty and lively wit, she describes her triumphs and her disappointments, both public and private, telling her full story as she has lived it - in her own words and on her own terms. Warm, wise, and revelatory, Becoming is the deeply personal reckoning of a woman of soul and substance who has steadily defied expectations - and whose story inspires us to do the same.

Amerikanisches Englisch

Einer der am höchsten gehandelten Titel dieses Jahr ist die Autobiografie der ehemaligen First Lady, Michelle Obama. In “Becoming” erzählt sie ihren Werdegang vom schwarzen Mädchen aus einer Arbeiterfamilie über ihr Harvard-Studium und Arbeit als Juristin bis hin zur starken Frau an der Seite des US-Präsidenten Barack Obama. Das Hörbuch, das sie selbst mit gewohntem Charisma liest, lässt Seitenhiebe auf Donald Trump zwar nicht aus, fokussiert sich aber auf Michelle Obama’s eigenes Leben und ihre Erfahrungen.

Lies Sleeping

A deadly history.
A dangerous mystery.
And a dark plan coming to light.

In London, the past is never dead. It only...lies sleeping.

Martin Chorley - aka the Faceless Man - wanted for multiple counts of murder, fraud and crimes against humanity, has been unmasked and is on the run. Peter Grant, Detective Constable and apprentice wizard, now plays a key role in an unprecedented joint operation to bring Chorley to justice.

But even as the unwieldy might of the Metropolitan Police bears down on its foe, Peter uncovers clues that Chorley, far from being finished, is executing the final stages of a long term plan. A plan that has its roots in London's two thousand bloody years of history, and could literally bring the city to its knees.

To save his beloved city Peter's going to need help from his former best friend and colleague - Lesley May - who brutally betrayed him and everything he thought she believed in. And, far worse, he might even have to come to terms with the malevolent supernatural killer and agent of chaos known as Mr Punch...

Britisches Englisch

Voller erwachsener Magie, britischem Humor und Londoner Lokalkolorit steckt der siebte Teil der Peter Grant-Reihe von Dr. Who-Autor Ben Aaronovitch. Zauberlehrling Peter ist inzwischen zum Detective Constable aufgestiegen und zusammen mit Mentor Thomas Nightingale und der Londoner Polizei auf der Suche nach dem “Faceless Man”, dem Erzbösewicht der Reihe. Ein ungewöhnlich spannender, actionhaltiger Teil der Serie voller funkensprühender Ideen und “Lord of the Rings”-Anspielungen, herrlich performed von Kobna Holdbrook-Smith.


Stephen King reads his latest novel - plus a bonus story, “Laurie,” unavailable in book form!  

“As the narrator, King enhances the story’s good-hearted appeal with this twangy, aw-shucks delivery. He gives a strong portrayal of everyman Scott Carey, whose strange affliction sends him on a quest of self-discovery and neighborly kindness. And King’s isn’t just a pleasant voice. He crafts a polished aural experience with a keen sense of pacing and fun accents for his motley Maine characters.” (AudioFile)

Number-one New York Times best seller

The latest from legendary master storyteller Stephen King, a riveting, extraordinarily eerie, and moving story about a man whose mysterious affliction brings a small town together - a timely, upbeat tale about finding common ground despite deep-rooted differences.  

Although Scott Carey doesn’t look any different, he’s been steadily losing weight. There are a couple of other odd things, too. He weighs the same in his clothes and out of them, no matter how heavy they are. Scott doesn’t want to be poked and prodded. He mostly just wants someone else to know, and he trusts Doctor Bob Ellis. 

In the small town of Castle Rock, the setting of many of King’s most iconic stories, Scott is engaged in a low grade - but escalating - battle with the lesbians next door whose dog regularly drops his business on Scott’s lawn. One of the women is friendly; the other, cold as ice. Both are trying to launch a new restaurant, but the people of Castle Rock want no part of a gay married couple, and the place is in trouble. When Scott finally understands the prejudices they face - including his own - he tries to help. Unlikely alliances, the annual foot race, and the mystery of Scott’s affliction bring out the best in people who have indulged the worst in themselves and others. 

From Stephen King, our “most precious renewable resource, like Shakespeare in the malleability of his work” (The Guardian), Elevation is an antidote to our divisive culture, as gloriously joyful (with a twinge of deep sadness) as It’s a Wonderful Life.

Amerikanisches Englisch

Eine kurze, herzerwärmende Novelle von Stephen King, ganz ohne Horror, und vom Autor selbst vorgelesen. Für Scott, der mysteriöserweise (und ohne dass man es ihm ansieht) immer mehr Gewicht verliert, geht es wortwörtlich darum, sich über die Dinge zu erheben - auch über die Vorurteile seinen lesbischen Nachbarinnen gegenüber. Stephen King liest das am Ende sehr nahe gehende Hörbuch selbst - interessant zu hören, aber ein professioneller Sprecher hätte das zweifelsohne besser gemacht.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - Makers, Mysteries and Magic

This is a behind-the-scenes audio documentary, recorded on the set of the movie Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

“This film is a different beast.” (Eddie Redmayne)

Available only in audio, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - Makers, Mysteries and Magic lifts the lid on the moviemaking secrets behind the latest installment in J.K. Rowling's Fantastic Beasts series. Narrator Dan Fogler (who plays No-Maj Jacob Kowalski) will guide you through the process of creating the magical on-screen world and explore the story, themes, and characters of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.  

Over 100 hours of interviews with the cast and crew have been used to create this unique audio adventure that’s sure to be loved by fans of filmmaking and the Wizarding World. Across its nine chapters, you will explore themes such as what’s next for Newt Scamander, whether we’ve seen every side of Albus Dumbledore, what makes Dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald so dangerous, and what connects the worlds of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts.  

With unrivalled access to the film’s cast, directors, producers, and makers, hear what it takes to build 1927 Paris on a lot just outside London, discover what influenced the design of the Elder Wand, meet the individuals who constructed iconic wizarding world locations including Hogwarts’ Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom - and mastered the craft and artistry required to fill it with authenticity and excitement.     

With contributions from actors including Eddie Redmayne (Newt Scamander), Jude Law (Albus Dumbledore), Katherine Waterston (Tina Goldstein), and Alison Sudol (Queenie Goldstein) as well as director David Yates and producer David Heyman.   

Give your eyes a rest and your ears a treat. Take a trip behind the scenes of the Wizarding World like never before.  

Produced by Pottermore Publishing and Audible Originals.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald characters, names, and related indicia are copyright and trademark of Warner Bros Entertainment Inc. Publishing rights copyright of J.K. Rowling.

Britisches Englisch

Dies ist die offizielle Audio-Dokumentation zum neuesten “Fantastic Beasts”-Film “The Crimes of Grindelwald”. Aus über 100 Stunden Interviews mit Schauspielern und Filmemachern ist ein Behind-The-Scenes extra zum Hören entstanden, unterlegt mit Musik und zusammengehalten von Erzähler Dan Fogler (No-Maj Jacob Kowalski aus dem Film). Darin geht es genauso um die Charaktere wie um Produktionsdesign und Filmtechnik. Zu Wort kommen u.a. die Hauptdarsteller Eddie Redmayne und Jude Law sowie Regisseur David Yates und Produzent David Heyman.

Queer Eye

From the Fab Five - the beloved hosts of Netflix's viral hit Queer Eye - comes an audiobook that is at once a behind-the-scenes exclusive, a practical guide to living and celebrating your best life, and a symbol of hope.

Feeling your best is about far more than deciding what color to paint your accent wall or how to apply nightly moisturizer. It's also about creating a life that's well-rounded, filled with humor and understanding - and most importantly, that suits you. At a cultural moment when we are all craving people to admire, Queer Eye offers hope and acceptance.

After you get to know the Fab Five, together they will guide you through five practical chapters that go beyond their designated areas of expertise (food and wine, fashion, grooming, home decor, and culture), touching on topics like wellness, entertaining, and defining your personal brand, and complete with bite-sized Hip Tips for your everyday quandaries. Above all else, Queer Eye aims to help you create a happy and healthy life, rooted in self-love and authenticity. 

Read by the Fab Five: Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Jonathan Van Ness, Bobby Berk, and Karamo Brown.

Includes a bonus PDF of recipes from the book. 

PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio.

Amerikanisches Englisch

“Queer Eye” ist eine Makeover-Doku-Show auf Netflix und ein riesiger Hit. Darin nehmen sich fünf queere Berater für Mode, Ernährung und Lifestyle jeweils einen “Kandidaten” vor und krempeln sein Leben - hoffentlich - positiv um. Die Sendung ist geprägt von positiven Vibes, Optimismus und Akzeptanz - und genau das möchten die fünf Gastgeber im passenden Hörbuch rüberbringen, diesmal mit persönlichen Ratschlägen zu Wellness, der persönlichen Marke und weiteren Tipps für ein glücklicheres Leben. Für Fans!


Enter the monstrous and magical world of Stephen Fry's Sunday Times best seller Heroes, brought to you by Penguin.

Shortlisted for the 2018 Specsavers audiobook award.

Imagine sandals on your feet, a sword in your hand and the hot sun beating down on your helmet. Enter the world of Stephen Fry's Sunday Times best seller, Heroes.

Few mere mortals have ever embarked on such bold and heart-stirring adventures, overcome myriad monstrous perils, or outwitted scheming vengeful gods, quite as stylishly and triumphantly as Greek heroes.

In this companion to his best-selling Mythos, Stephen Fry brilliantly retells these dramatic, funny, tragic and timeless tales.

Join Jason aboard the Argo as he quests for the Golden Fleece. See Atalanta - who was raised by bears - outrun any man before being tricked with golden apples. Witness wily Oedipus solve the riddle of the Sphinx and discover how Bellerophon captures the winged horse Pegasus to help him slay the monster Chimera.

Filled with white-knuckle chases and battles, impossible puzzles and riddles, acts of base cowardice and real bravery, not to mention murders and selfless sacrifices, Heroes is the story of what we mortals are truly capable of - at our worst and our very best.

Britisches Englisch

Wer liebt sie nicht, die dramatischen, oft grausigen griechischen Götter-Sagen. Stephen Fry, britische Schauspiel-Ikone, erzählt in diesem zweiten Teil der “Mythos”-Reihe eben jene zeitlosen Geschichten neu nach. Diesmal treffen wir u.a. Jason und sein goldenes Vlies und Oedipus und die Sphinx. Klassische Mythologie auf packende, neue Art und Weise, bestens vorgetragen von Stephen Fry selbst - das ist generationenübergreifende Unterhaltung und ganz nebenbei Allgemeinbildung.

Long Road to Mercy

Introducing a remarkable new character from number-one New York Times best-selling writer David Baldacci: Atlee Pine, an FBI agent with special skills assigned to the remote wilds of the southwestern United States who must confront a new threat...and an old nightmare.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Catch a tiger by its toe.

It's seared into Atlee Pine's memory: the kidnapper's chilling rhyme as he chose between six-year-old Atlee and her twin sister, Mercy. Mercy was taken. Atlee was spared. 

She never saw Mercy again. 

Three decades after that terrifying night, Atlee Pine works for the FBI. She's the lone agent assigned to the Shattered Rock, Arizona resident agency, which is responsible for protecting the Grand Canyon. 

So when one of the Grand Canyon's mules is found stabbed to death at the bottom of the canyon - and its rider missing - Pine is called in to investigate. It soon seems clear the lost tourist had something more clandestine than sightseeing in mind. But just as Pine begins to put together clues pointing to a terrifying plot, she's abruptly called off the case. 

If she disobeys direct orders by continuing to search for the missing man, it will mean the end of her career. But unless Pine keeps working the case and discovers the truth, it could spell the very end of democracy in America as we know it....

Amerikanisches Englisch

David Baldacci, bekannt für seine Actionthriller-Reihen, wirft neben John Puller und John Robie eine neue Serie ins Rennen: diesmal mit einer weiblichen Heldin. Atlee Pine, die traumatisches Gepäck aus ihrer Kindheit mitschleppt, wird als alleinige FBI-Agentin zuständig für das Gebiet um den Grand Canyon herum. Mit einem getöteten Maulesel nimmt eine Ermittlung den Anfang, bei der sich Atlee Pine das FBI selbst in die Quere stellt. Vielversprechender Auftakt aus dem Stoff, den Baldacci-Fans lieben.


Defeated, crushed, and driven almost to extinction, the remnants of the human race is trapped on a planet that is constantly attacked by mysterious alien starfighters. 

Spensa, a teenage girl living among them, longs to be a pilot. When she discovers the wreckage of an ancient ship, she realizes this dream might be possible - assuming she can repair the ship, navigate flight school, and (perhaps most importantly) persuade the strange machine to help her. 

Because this ship, uniquely, appears to have a soul. 

Britisches Englisch

Fantasy-Autor Brandon Sanderson selbst hat den Auftakt zu dieser neuen YA-Reihe angeblich als Mischung aus “How To Train Your Dragon”, “Top Gun” und “Enders Game” bezeichnet. Passt, denn es geht um ein junges Mädchen, das davon träumt, seinen Planeten einst - wie ihr Vater - als Pilotin gegen die beständig angreifenden Aliens zu verteidigen. Sanderson ist versiert im Aufbau fantastischer Welten und beweist das auch hier. Dazu noch eine kratzbürstige, toughe Heldin mit deutlicher Entwicklung, sowie jede Menge Raumschiff-Duelle - läuft! Übrigens gibt es das gleiche Hörbuch auch von einer amerikanischen Sprecherin gelesen. Ihr habt also die Wahl.

Heads You Win

This program is read by acclaimed English actor Richard Armitage. 

Leningrad, Russia, 1968. 

From an early age, it is clear that Alexander Karpenko is destined to lead his countrymen. But when his father is assassinated by the KGB for defying the state, Alexander and his mother will have to escape Russia if they hope to survive. At the docks, they have an irreversible choice: board a container ship bound for America or one bound for Great Britain. Alexander leaves the choice to a toss of a coin....

In a single moment, a double twist decides Alexander’s future. During an epic tale, spanning two continents and 30 years, we follow Alexander through triumph and defeat as he sets out on parallel lives as Alex in New York and Sasha in London. As this unique story unfolds, both come to realize that to find their destiny, they must face the past they left behind as Alexander in Russia. 

With a final twist that will shock even his most ardent fans, this is international number one best seller Jeffrey Archer’s most ambitious and creative work since Kane and Abel.  

Britisches Englisch

Einen Schlusstwist wie einen Schlag ins Gesicht verspricht dieser Einwanderer-Roman von Jeffrey Archer (“The Clifton Chronicles”). In gewohnt epischer Manier, gemischt mit jüngerer Geschichte, verfolgen wir das Leben einer russischen Familie in den 60er Jahren - in gleich zwei möglichen Versionen, einmal als Immigranten in Amerika, einmal in Großbritannien. Die Entscheidung darüber fällt in der Geschichte per Münzwurf - einmal Kopf, einmal Zahl. Gelesen wird das duale Abenteuer von Richard Armitage mit seinem evokativen, unter die Haut schlüpfenden Bariton.

The Reckoning

Number-one best-selling author John Grisham's The Reckoning is his most powerful, surprising, and suspenseful thriller yet.

"A murder mystery, a courtroom drama, a family saga…The Reckoning is Grisham's argument that he's not just a boilerplate thriller writer. Most jurors will think the counselor has made his case." (USA Today)

October 1946, Clanton, Mississippi

Pete Banning was Clanton, Mississippi's favorite son - a decorated World War II hero, the patriarch of a prominent family, a farmer, father, neighbor, and a faithful member of the Methodist church. Then one cool October morning he rose early, drove into town, walked into the church, and calmly shot and killed his pastor and friend, the Reverend Dexter Bell. As if the murder weren’t shocking enough, it was even more baffling that Pete's only statement about it - to the sheriff, to his lawyers, to the judge, to the jury, and to his family - was: "I have nothing to say." He was not afraid of death and was willing to take his motive to the grave.     

In a major novel unlike anything he has written before, John Grisham takes us on an incredible journey, from the Jim Crow South to the jungles of the Philippines during World War II; from an insane asylum filled with secrets to the Clanton courtroom where Pete's defense attorney tries desperately to save him.          

Reminiscent of the finest tradition of Southern Gothic storytelling, The Reckoning would not be complete without Grisham's signature layers of legal suspense, and he delivers every minute.

Amerikanisches Englisch

Als “Southern Gothic” bezeichnet wird dieser in den amerikanischen Südstaaten spielende Neuling von John Grisham, bestens bekannt für seine juristischen Thriller. Vom Rassismus der Jim Crow-Zeit bis in den zweiten Weltkrieg reicht die Geschichte um den Mord an einem Priester in einer Stadt in Mississippi. Erste Kritiken sind überraschend gespalten: die einen bezeichnen das Hörbuch als langgezogen und unspannend, die anderen sind begeistert vom Thema und der Umsetzung. Am besten selbst ein Bild machen!