Stolz, Freude, Erleichterung – Tom Brady ist glücklich. Zusammen mit seinem American-Football-Team, den New England Patriots, hat er zum sechsten Mal den Super Bowl gewonnen. Und das mit 41 Jahren. Dass der Quaterback der zurzeit erfolgreichste Spieler aller Zeiten ist, hat auch einen Grund. Er arbeitet wie ein Besessener an seinem Erfolg.

Tom Brady arbeitet mit Akribie daran, dass sein inzwischen auch nicht mehr ganz junger Körper immer noch Hochleistungen bringt. Seit 20 Jahren trinkt er zum Beispiel keinen Alkohol. Auf seine Ernährung achtet er genau.

Seine Methode hat er aufgeschrieben: Bei Audible gibt es "The TB12 Method" als Download. Hier erzählt der Ausnahmesportler in seinen eigenen Worten, wie er sich körperlich und mental fit hält.

The TB12 Method

The TB12 Method

Gesprochen von Tom Brady, Jonathan Todd Ross

The TB12 Method

The number one New York Times best seller by the six-time Super Bowl champion

The first book by Tampa Bay Buccaneers and former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady - the six-time Super Bowl champion who is still reaching unimaginable heights of excellence at 42 years old - a gorgeously illustrated and deeply practical “athlete’s bible” that reveals Brady’s revolutionary approach to sustained peak performance for athletes of all kinds and all ages. 

In this new edition of The TB12 Method, Tom Brady further explains and details the revolutionary training, conditioning, and wellness system that has kept him atop the NFL at an age when most players are deep into retirement. Brady - along with the expert Body Coaches at TB12, the performance lifestyle brand he cofounded in 2013 with Alex Guerrero - explain the principles and philosophies of pliability, a paradigm-shifting fitness concept that focuses on a more natural, healthier way of exercising, training, and living. Filled with lessons from Brady’s own training regimen, The TB12 Method provides step-by-step guidance on how develop and maintain one’s own peak performance while dramatically decreasing injury risks. This illustrated, highly visual manual also offers more effective approaches to functional strength and conditioning, proper hydration, supplementation, cognitive fitness, restorative sleep, and nutritious, easy-to-execute recipes to help readers fuel-up and recover. 

Brady steadfastly believes that the TB12 approach has kept him competitive while extending his career, and that it can make any athlete, male or female, in any sport and at any level achieve his or her own peak performance and do what they love, better and for longer. With instructions, drills, photos, in-depth case studies that Brady himself has used, along with personal anecdotes and experiences from his legendary career, The TB12 Method gives you a better way to train and get results with Tom Brady himself as living proof.

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Physische und geistige Gesundheit ist übrigens auch ein großes Thema seiner Frau: Das brasilianische Supermodel Gisèle Bündchen spricht über ihr Leben und ihre Weltanschauung in ihrer Autobiografie "Lessons".



Gesprochen von Soneela Nankani, Gisele Bündchen


The instant New York Times best seller 

Supermodel and philanthropist Gisele Bündchen shares personal stories, insights, and photos to explore lessons that have helped shape her life.

Gisele Bündchen's journey began in southern Brazil, growing up with five sisters, playing volleyball, and rescuing the dogs and cats around her hometown. In fact, she wanted to become either a professional volley player or a veterinarian. But at the age of 14, fate suddenly intervened in the form of a modeling scout, who spotted her in São Paulo. Four years later, Gisele's appearance in Alexander McQueen's memorably rain-soaked London runway show in the spring 1998 launched her spectacular career as a fashion model, and put an end to the "heroin chic" era of fashion. Since then, Gisele has appeared in almost 400 ad campaigns and on over 1200 magazine covers. She has walked in more than 470 fashion shows for the most influential brands in the world. Gisele has become an icon, leaving a lasting mark on the fashion industry.

But until now, few people have gotten to know the real Gisele, a woman whose private life stands in dramatic contrast to her public image. In Lessons, she reveals for the first time who she really is and what she's learned over the past 37 years to help her live a meaningful life - a journey that takes listeners from a childhood spent barefoot in small-town Brazil, to an internationally successful career, motherhood and marriage to quarterback Tom Brady.

A work of great openness and vulnerability, Lessons reveals the inner life of a very public woman.

Auch Patriots-Trainer Bill Belichick kennt Brady lange und gut. Was er über seinen Spieler denkt verrät er in "Bill Belichick: On Personnel: His Thoughts on Building a Roster, Player Evaluation & Tom Brady".

Bill Belichick: On Personnel: His Thoughts on Building a Roster, Player Evaluation & Tom Brady

Bill Belichick: On Personnel

Bill Belichick in his own words!

This audiobook explores Belichick's thoughts on his players, the NFL, Tom Brady, and the skills needed to play each position. If you want to learn the insights that has guided the development of the Patriots then this audiobook will help you. Also, the chapter on Tom Brady will enable you to understand the dynamics behind one of the greatest player/coach relationships of all time. 

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Here's a preview of what you'll learn:

  • Building a roster in the NFL
  • Thoughts on Tom Brady
  • What he thinks of opposing coaches
  • His thoughts on some of the best players in the NFL
  • How to scout players and evaluate prospects  

If you want to learn what Bill Belichick looks for when deciding how to draft or build a roster and his thoughts on some of the greatest players and coaches in the NFL then this audiobook is for you!

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